About the center

In the context of globalization, Kyoto University and Tsinghua University have joined together to advance education and research in leading-edge technology. Makoto Nagao, the former president of Kyoto University, and Wang Dazhong, the former president of Tsinghua University, concluded the “Academic Exchange Agreement between Kyoto and Tsinghua University” in Beijing, on May 5th, 1998; and since then, academic exchange has been enhanced.

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Education at CRECET

The following educational activities prepare graduate students to become successful future researchers.

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Cooperative Research

The cooperative research targets common and pressing environmental problems in both countries. CRECET has already made contributions to energy saving technology ...

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The center has been engaged in various activities for many years. Follow the footsteps.

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2019.03.29 Informarion
CRECET website

CRECET website is now available …

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