CRECET Online Seminars were successfully hold.

Kyoto University-Tsinghua University Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology (CRECET) will hold a seminar and a country briefing on March 26, 2021.In the seminar, Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka, who will be retired from Kyoto university at the end of this March, gives a special lecture, and three professors (Jian’e Zuo, Wei Wang, Yuntao Guan) also will talk cutting-edge researches. In the country briefing, active Asian graduates from Kyoto University will report environmental issues in each country. The CRECET hopes you will be able to come.

On March 26, 2021, Kyoto University Tsinghua University Online Seminar on Research and Education of Environmental Engineering and Country Briefing on State of the Environment in Asia by Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology (CRECET), Kyoto University-Tsinghua University were successfully hold. In this seminar, Professor Hiroaki Tanaka provided his Special Lecture for retirement from Kyoto University.

 This online seminar was held as an alternative to the annual student internship in March, which is not possible due to the COVID-19 epidemic globally. More than 100 participants, including the staff, students, and technical staff from international environmental-related sides, joined this seminar and actively discussed it. The first session was Kyoto University Tsinghua University Online Seminar on Research and Education of Environmental Engineering, followed by Country Briefing on State of the Environment in Asia.

The first session was opened by Professor Masaki Takaoka from Kyoto University, followed by Greeting Speeches by the Chinese Director of CRECET, Professor Hong-Ying Hu, Vice President of Graduate School, Tsinghua University, Mr. Sadao Mino, President of CRECET Council, and Mr. Makoto Yao, General Secretary of CRECET Council. They expressed gratitude to those who have supported the activities of CRECET and respect for the achievements of Professor Hiroaki Tanaka, as well as hopes for the further development of the CRECET in the future.

Professor Hiroaki Tanaka provided a Special Lecture titled “One water, one health, one environment – past and future” by introducing his long-term career on the development and current progress of water research passionately. Next, Professor Jian’e Zuo, Prof. Wei Wang, and Prof. Yuntao Guan from Tsinghua University introduced their latest research results through exciting lectures. Finally, Dr. Fumitake Nishimura, Associate Professor from Kyoto University, made the closing remark for the first session.

The second session, Country Briefing on State of the Environment in Asia, was opened by Dr. Norihide Nakada, Junior Associate Professor of Kyoto University. As Kyoto University alumni, Dr. Ilho Kim from Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, Korea, Dr. Gopal Chandra from Jashore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, Dr. Vimal Kumar Hatwal from Ministry of Environment, India, Dr. Marfiah binti Ab. Wahid from Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia, and Dr. Suchul Yoon from Anyang University, Korea, provided their exciting lectures on the State of the Environment in Asia relating to their research fields. At the end of this session, Dr. Masaru Ihara, Assistant Professor from Kyoto University, gave his closing remark to conclude the second session.

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